Litter from 2015

"Jazza" was mated with "Melvin" and she got three puppies.
The puppies was born 2012-02-25.

CIE NordW-09 EstW-10 LtW-11 WW-12
Pendoric Foggy Perfection

born: 2008-03-02

NZCH AUGrandCH Setterlands Tamburello at Pendoric
AUCH Pendoric Fire Anythyme

Breeder: Leigh & Ann-Marie Hearn, Australia

Hips: A/A
Elbows: 0/0
CLAD: Tested clear
Eyes: Tested clear 2009-11-26
PRA (rcd4): Tested clear

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 Melvin's pedigree

 Melvin's CIE-title

Garden Star's Irish Union

born: 2011-08-07

HCH Garden Star's Gentleman
HCH Garden Star's Light Yoghurt

Breeder: László Tóth, Hungary

Hips: B/B
CLAD: Tested clear
PRA (rcd4): Hereditary clear

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 Jazza's pedigree