February 2022

We are expecting puppies in the middle of march.
"Oriona's Land Kirki" has been mated to "Nutmeg's I Do I Do I Do".

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May 2021

We are now waiting for puppies.
"Cava" has been mated with the handsome "Mattis".

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February 2021

We are now waiting for puppies.
"Lykke Li" has been mated with the handsome "Moltaz".

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February 2020

We are now waiting for puppies.
"Lykke Li" has been mated with the handsome "Tryffel".

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April 2018

In the end of march, me and a friend went to Malmö in southern of Sweden. We had a lovely Easterweekend together with our dogs.
On sunday we went to an International Dogshow and Lykke Li (Nutmeg's Rumour And Whisper) went Best Bitch from intermediate class and took her first CACIB.
So thrilled about this. Judge this day was breedspecialist Sjoerd Jobse.

Three days later we had another happy moment. Jazza gave birth to her final litter,
three boys and four girls. Mother and babies are doing great. Serious inquiries are welcome.

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March 2018

It´s been a long while since our webpage was updated. But hopefully we will do better from now on.

We didn´t attend so many shows during 2017. But still we got some very nice results. Lykke Li made her debute
at 10 months of age by becoming Best Bitch. She was also given CK at every show she attended this year.

On the sader side we lost our beautiful dog Melvin in October. He was such a great character who made a deep impact
in many people around the world.

Now we have a new year ahead of us. We are so much looking forward to have puppies in our house again.
Jazza will have her third and last litter. The proud father to be is beautiful "Smiley". He is an overall correct dog in
a very good balance. He has a dark quality coat and he moves with style. On top of it he has an easygoing mind and
it is not hard to love him. This will be his first litter. Thank you Maryanne Svantesson for letting us use him.
Serious inquiries are most welcome.
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It´s always nice to see our beautiful breed in differnet kinds of commercial.
A few months ago I was contacted by an agent who wanted an Irish Setter to be in a commercial for
a big company in Sweden. Lykke Li was perfect for the job and she worked like a star.
Here you can see the result.

June 2016

The puppies were born 2016-06-05.
There are 4 boys and 3 girls.

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May 2016

We are now waiting for puppies.
"Jazza" has been mated with a lovely boy from the USA.

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Here are some results from the show in Österbybruk.

SKK Österbybruk
Judge: Hana Ahrens, Austria
Melvin: Ex1 CK 4th Best Dog Best Vet

Tove Lo BIG-1 at only 15 months

April 2016

Here are some results from the show in Västerås.

SKK Västerås 2016-04-23 Judge: Inga Siil, Estonia Melvin: Ex1 CK 2nd Best Dog Best Vet Jazza: Ex3 CK Tove Lo: Ex2 CK

January 2016

Here are some results from the "MY Dog" show in Göteborg.

SKK Göteborg "My Dog"
SKK Göteborg "My Dog"
Judge: Göran Hallberger, Sweden
Judge: Gunnar Nymann, Denmark
Jazza: Ex1 CK BOS CACIB Tove Lo: Ex1 CK 2nd Best Bitch
Jazza: Ex2 CK 3rd Best Bitch Tove Lo: Ex1 CK 4th Best Bitch

December 2014

We are planning to mate "Melvin" and "Jazza".
Mating is expected to take place in December or January.

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November 2013

We went to Denmark and Danish Winnershow. Jazza was BOS with CACIB and Danish Winner.
Melvin's son Denny was BOB.

May 2012

This update can´t contain anything else but one of the most happiest moments we have had in the doggie world.
World Dog Show-2012 in Salzburg, Austria.

135 Irish Setters were there. The judge was Mr Rafael De Santiago. Mr De Santiago gave every dog a fair chance.
He looked at them and had them run up and down and then around. Mr De Santiago knew what he wanted, a dog with
excellent movements.
The final lineup wasn't the most even when stacked, but they where all dogs with excellent movements.

I can´t really describe the feeling when Melvin in the end goes Best Of Breed and World Winner-2012.
We were over the moon and I don´t think we are back on earth yet.

And not to forget our little girl Jazza. She has just turned 9 months and this was her first official show.
There was 18 girls in juniorclass and Jazza wins it all and became Junior World Winner-2012.
What a happy day. I´m also very glad that Jazza's breeders were there and could share this with us.

I thank everyone for all congratulations we have received. It really warms.

March 2012

It´s been a long time since we updated our homepage. Now it´s looking a bit different. We have new pages
with more information about Melvin and his offspring.

In september 2011 we went to Åland and their Internationell Dogshow. We entered Melvin for
judge Nicola Ruigrok, Ireland. Melvin ended up as 2nd best male.

Next show ain´t until may 2012. Then we will be at the Swedish Kennelclub Show in Stockholm.

I can´t be anything but proud of Melvins offspring so far. His first litter has had very big success in the showring.
The latest is that Applegrove Bechamel became BOB, Groupwinner and BIS-3 at Lithuanian Winner Show.
In the second litter we have Red Rhythm´s Chilling And Jazzing. He became Latvian Junior Winner and ended up
as third best male, only eleven months old.

For more information and photos of Melvins offspring please take a look at Melvin's litters.

In january I flew down to Hungary to bring Jazza home with me. I had been in contact with Mr László Tóth,
kennel Garden Star for some time. I was curious about "purple girl" as she caught my eyes when I saw
photos of her at the homepage of Garden Star.
László's intention was to keep that girl but he was willing to sell her to me if I promised to show her.
And that we will do.
She is a joy to live with and she is very easy to have around.
Thank you so much László for this lovely girl.

March 2011

Soon we will be in the end of this summer. It always passes by to fast and it´s a pity that the weather is so up and down.
And for me it´s far to cold.
We have been to a whole lot of shows in a few weeks and only one show remains in Sweden for us this year.
Here are the results:

SKK Österbybruk
SKK Vallentuna
SKK Borås
ISF Småland
SKK Tvååker
SKK Tvååker
SKK Köping
SKK Ransäter
Judge: Alenka Pokorn, Slovenia
Judge: Angel Garach Domech, Spain
Judge: Thomas Bradley, USA
Judge: Jeremy Bott, UK
Judge: Jose Haro Haro, Spain
Judge: Gerda Halff-Van Boven, Netherlands
Judge: Henrik Fryckstrand, Sweden
Judge: Luis Pinto Teixeira, Portugal
Exc, CK, 3rd best male
Exc, CK, 4th best male
Very good
CK, 2nd best male
Exc, CK, 4th best male
Exc, CK
Exc, CK
Exc, CK, 3rd best male

The last result I want to present is from a show held by the Irish Setter Association of Sweden. It´s only a unofficial result
but for us it counts very high.
The judge this day was no one less than Mr Jeremy Bott, kennel Thendara. He is a A-listed judge from England,
a breedspecialist who also has been judged the Irish Setters at Crufts.
Melvin ended up as 2nd best male this day with this lovely critique:

" Beautiful presented dog with a wonderful coat. Very stylish on the move. Well constructed with a lovely body.
In great condition. Nice short hocks. Kind expression. Head a little heavy for me and a different type.
Finnish of the croup could be better, but a spectaculare dog both moving and standing. "

This result together with the critique made us very proud. The fact that such a respected man as Mr Bott could see
and appreciate Melvins qualitys despite he is of a different type, meant a lot to us.

Finally we also got the confirmation from F.C.I that Melvin now is an International Show Champion (CIE).
He is only three years old but he is CIE, Nordic Winner-09, Estonian Winner-10, Lithuanian Winner-11.
He has also been winning the breed and the group in four different countries.

March 2011

All of our lovely kittens has moved to new fantastic homes. It´s such a joy to recieve all emails from their new happy families.

Photo : Kicki Thenberg

One of the babies has already made a grand entrence in the show-world. Nutmeg Time Out Of Mind made her debute in a two days-show and she became
Best In Show both days. A couple of weeks later she entered another show and then she became Best In Show-2.
Big congratulations to "Mindy's" owners Ronny and Jens.Link to their website

Melvin has just turned three years old. We took him on a trip to Lithuania and their WinnerShow. We had some fantastic results.

saturday 19/3 BOB, CACIB, Lithuanian Winner and Groupwinner judge: Nijolé Zieniené
sunday 20/3 BOB, CACIB and placed 2nd in the group judge: Jelena Kruus

Finally one year and one day has passed since Melvin took his first CACIB. Thanks to the results in Lithuania we can now apply
for the C.I.E- title. What a great start to this year of showing!

September 2010

The autumn has arrived and with it comes the every day routines.
We went away one week to a Swedish Island, Gotland. We rented a beautiful house there and had a lovely
week full of fun and adventures. Of course we combined it with a dogshow...
As a matter of fact we have been on three shows since last update.

SKK Eskilstuna
SKK Visby
SKK Sandviken
Judge: Ronnie Tolson, Ireland
Judge; Henric Fryckstrand, Sweden
Judge: Dorota Witkowska, Poland
CK, 2nd best male
CACIB, Best Opposite Sex
CACIB, Best Opposite Sex

August 2010

Melvin made is debut in Open Class in May. His results so far
has made us very proud. Here is a summary of the shows from May-July:

SKK Larv
SKK Hässleholm
Estonian Setterclub
Estonian Winnershow
Swedish Winnershow
World Dog Show
SKK Borås
SKK Köping
Judge: Jelena Kruus, Estonia
Judge: Inga Siil, Estonia
Judge: Ronny Blomme, Netherlands
Judge: Jelena Kruus, Estonia
Judge: Rune Fagerström, Finland
Judge: Eeva Rautala, Finland
Judge: Mark Johnston, Australia
Judge: Rainer Vuorinen, Finland
CK, BH-2

Exc, 4:th open class

With this fantastic results he now has five CACIB in three different countries.
Unfortunately it has to be atleast one year and one day between the first and fourth CACIB to receive the International Show Champion-title.
So we have to be patient and get a new CACIB after september 30th this year.

If you want to see more pictures of Melvin you are welcome to visit his site on Exclusively Setters.

We also have a lovely, big bunch of kittens. Our beloved Selma gave birth to 9 kittens in the end of July.
There are 5 boys and 4 girls. The colours are black, black/white, chocolate and chocolate/white.
They may also be with silver. For more information please visit the ''Present Litter'' page.
Also take a look at our plans.